The most stimulating aphrodisiac foods to put on the menu

Do you know of different aphrodisiac foods?

Since the dawn of time, humans have attributed aphrodisiac properties to many foods

What exactly is it?

Do certain foods really have the ability to increase libido in men and women?

What if it was just a matter of atmosphere? 

Aphrodisiac foods

1. Cocoa

History has widely reported the aphrodisiac virtues of certain foods. Among the Aztecs, cocoa was known as a sexual stimulant. The boldest added chilli, pepper and cloves to multiply their effects

2. Celery

Apparently, Madame de Pompadour regularly had a celery gratin prepared in order to obtain the sexual favors of Louis XV 

In fact, the list of foods with effects on libido is very long. But not all of them are effective. And these foods alone won't turn a mundane sex life into a constant firework display 

3. Chocolate

Among the foods whose aphrodisiac virtues are recognized, chocolate occupies the top of the paving stones. This delicious treat, often given on Valentine's Day, contains arginine, an amino acid which, once in the body, turns into nitric oxide which has a vasodilating effect

In addition, this food stimulates endorphins, hormones linked to pleasure 

4. Asparagus

In ancient Rome, Pliny the Elder attributed aphrodisiac properties to asparagus. And he was right

In addition to its subtle taste and the feeling of freshness it provides, this food stimulates the production of testosterone. However, this hormone plays a key role in human sexuality 

5. Oyster

Likewise the oyster, rich in zinc, stimulates the production of testosterone

Shrimps, scallops, lobsters and crabs have more or less the same virtues, due to their high iodine and phosphorus content 

6. Garlic

Much like expensive caviar, garlic boosts blood circulation, which helps blood flow to the sexual organs in both men and women

However, it is not recommended to bite into a clove just before a date!

7. Truffle

The expensive truffle stimulates the production of androsterone, a male hormone derived from testosterone

Aphrodisiac spices and herbs

8. Saffron

The aphrodisiac spice par excellence remains saffron. Studies have shown that it has a stimulating action just as high as that of hormones due to its content of phytosterol, a plant hormone whose virtues the Chinese knew, 2600 BC. J.-C.

9. Clove

Cloves remain one of the most powerful aphrodisiac foods. Its effectiveness is recognized to fight physical and mental fatigue. Some do not hesitate to advise it during blackouts of desire ... nothing less!

10. Ginger: Gingerol, found in ginger, has the effect of stimulating the flow of blood to the genitals. In men, it also promotes the production of sperm

11. Thyme and savory

Thanks to their stimulating properties, thyme and savory are widely recommended if you want to experience a crazy night of love

12. Vanilla

The seeds contained in vanilla pods, cinnamon, chili, cayenne pepper and yohimbine also saw their effects recognized by the followers of Eros

13. Ginseng

Used by the Chinese for millennia, ginseng is recommended for disorders of a sexual nature. It also has vasodilator properties, like ginko biloba 

14. Maca

Present in particular in the highlands of Peru, maca is consumed for its energy virtues. The Incas used it to improve their sexual tone 

15. Maltese Cross

Tribulus Terrestris, or Maltese cross, promotes increased muscle mass and testosterone production. It increases sports performance and libidoµ

How to make a powerful aphrodisiac for men?

Cinnamon, cardamom, 2 cloves, 1 tonka bean, and, if you like, hot pepper), with dark chocolate (200 g), and the zest of an orange. You add water (250 ml) and coconut milk (500 ml). You mix everything and put on low heat for about fifteen minutes before filtering your elixir.

False aphrodisiac foods

Human beings sometimes attribute aphrodisiac virtues to foods that have no effect on libido. This is the case, in particular, of bananas, cucumbers and zucchini. The latter simply have a shape reminiscent of the phallus

On another note, cherries and strawberries, carried voluptuously in the mouth, sometimes give rise to fantasies that can lead you to bed

A well-known example ... in the cinema! 

If there is one classic that perfectly illustrates the “aphrodisiac” virtues of many foods, it's 9 1/2 Weeks

a production that stars Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. During a scene particularly tinged with eroticism, two lovers meet in a kitchen and the main actor uses eggs, olives, chilli, cherries, honey, champagne, mineral water, even cough syrup, to excite his partner, then as she keeps her eyes closed. A nice damage in perspective ... but how sensual

Shiver ...

The ice that you let melt, drop by drop, on your partner's body could also have an effect on his arousal. It is the marriage of hot and cold, in both cases, that stimulates sexual arousal.In the same vein, a sudden surge of adrenaline, during the practice of an extreme sport for example, has aphrodisiac effects.Thrills guaranteed, down the line!A question of atmosphereWhatever the aphrodisiac virtues of the foods used, the atmosphere in which they are consumed can increase the erotic load and have a direct impact on libido.