Instinct Male formula contains plant extracts selected for their beneficial effects on sex drive and male erection

Instinct Male formula contains plant extracts selected for their beneficial effects on sex drive and male erection
A high percentage of men of all ages suffer from decreased libido and erectile dysfunction
Since these problems are often linked to physical factors, remedies are available

Instinct Male formula stimulates erection and revives male sex drive


L-arginine and extracts of grape and pomegranate dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis, which helps stimulate erection in the same way as Viagra

Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide, a molecule involved in vasodilation

Ginkgo extract, taken in 60 mg doses each day, enhances blood circulation and has been proven to significantly improve sexual performance

Coleus extract, standardised to contain 10% forskolin, also has vasodilatory properties.

Ginseng extract stimulates sexual function, particularly erectile function, by exerting a dilatory effect on erectile tissues in the penis

Giant poppy extract enhances erection through its relaxing effect on the smooth muscle in the penis, increasing blood flow.

Tribulus increase testosterone, boosting sex drive and libido

Maca extract is known for its aphrodisiac properties

Schisandra fruit extract has adaptogenic properties that help to combat the stresses and strains of everyday life

Papaverine helps maintain erection

Instinct formula uses plant extracts and active ingredients that boost the body’s metabolism (hormone inhibitors and receptors, venotonics, adaptogens) to give you an effective, high-performing natural supplement.

This action is boosted by grape and pomegranate extracts, which also promote nitric oxide production

Gingko biloba facilitates vascularisation, while ginseng improves your physical and mental condition

Coleus and tribulus promote the release of testosterone.

Schisandra is a powerful adaptogen with anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties.

The formula’s active ingredients specifically target all aspects of impotence and decreased sex drive

This blend of complementary plant extracts with proven venotonic and vasodilatory qualities will help you perform at your best, naturally


> Boost men lovemaking performance
> Generate better and harder erections
> Supplement smen and reduce fatigue
> Strengthen kidney system and functions

Sexual impotence, lack of libido and impotence now affect a growing number of men

There are several reasons why these problems have become common, including a diet that is too rich or lacking in essential nutrients, pollution which has damaging effects on our hormones, and sitting for long periods all contribute to a decline in hormone levels

How to use Instinct

For best results take one pill 20 minutes before the sexual intercourse
It is recommended to take on an empty stomach
This pill last for 72 hours
Please do not take more than one pill in a period of 24 hours

Keep in a cool dry place

Shelf Life : 3 Years

Specification:       1 Pack/30 Pills