Extenze Plus


This product is intended for men with low libido, weakened erections, premature ejaculation, reduced sexual stamina and general fatigue
There are many underlying reasons that can be cited, one of the triggers being low testosterone, poor hormonal balance, lack of essential nutrients, stress, poor diet and many more

ExtenZe Plus is a safe, reliable and effective sexual enhancer! The key to this amazing natural supplement is the unique blend of aphrodisiac herbs in its formula. Each ingredient has been chosen for its ability to increase blood flow to the penis in order to strengthen and fortify erections. Extenze's formula contains no narcotics or artificial ingredients, just natural herbs and plants that maximize the potential of your erect penis, both in terms of size and stamina!
The penis is made up of three erectile chambers. When aroused, blood flow increases into these chambers, and the outflow of blood is decreased, producing an erection. The more blood that is pushed into the chambers, the larger you can become

ExtenZe Plus helps force more blood flow so these chambers stretch, creating substantial growth in both length and girth. In just a few weeks, your penis can be larger

What is ExtenZe Plus used for?

> Enlarge your penis and erection
> Give you harder, more frequent erections
> Give you more intense orgasms
> Make your erections last longer
> Makes getting an erection easier and more reliable
> Enhance desire, power, pleasure and performance for longer duration
> Overall sex life improvement and penile sensitivity
> Increases the intensity of orgasms and the volume of semen discharged

ExtenZe Plus is your first line of defense against the loss of self-confidence that a small, erect penis can cause


ExtenZe Plus (ExtenZe Maximum Strength) supplement is composed of a unique blend of herbal complexes, nutrients and amino acids, to increase blood flow to the penis. The new ExtenZe formula is encapsulated in liquid gel capsules that allow rapid and sustained release.

Pregnenolone (38-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one) - Ginger (root) - Yohimbe extract (bark) Tribulus Terrestris (aerial part and fruits) - Xanthroparmelia scarbrosa (aerial part)
Gamma - Aminobutyric Acid - GABA Deer antler velvet Elven flower (leaf) -
Astragalus (root) - Licorice extract (root) - L-arginine hydrochloride - Folate - Zinc
Piper Longum (seed) - Korean ginseng extract (root) - black pepper (seed) - Boron (as a chelate) - Ho Shou Wu extract (root) - Hops extract (strobile and flower) - Damiana (leaf)
Muira Puama extract (stem) - Pumpkin (seeds) and Nettle (root)


ExtenZe Plus is categorized as a dietary supplement for men and can be used by anyone (18+) without a prescription.
So far, no side effects associated with ExtenZe have been reported and no specific side effects have been reported by current or previous users

Anyone with a history of medical problems, heart problems, strokes, or currently on medication, resting after surgery, etc. should consult their doctor before taking Extenze.
Never take ExtenZe with alcohol, which may cause side effects or compromise the effectiveness of treatment

Take one tablet each day until you reach the size you desire.
It is recommended that ExtenZe become a part of your regular daily supplement intake to maintain the desired size and performance

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Keep in a cool, sunshine proof and ventilated place

Specification: 5pills * 12blisters / box (60 Pills)