Tiger King Pills

Tiger King Pills for Male Enhancement is all natural and safe product which can promote the growth of the penis and make the male lust exuberant

Tiger King Male Enhancement Sex Delay Capsules with natural herbal ingredients, which directly work on male penis, stimulate penile blood circulation and promote penis enlargement, make it bigger, longer and harder
Tiger King pills can stay in our body for 168 hours, and allow us to enjoy long sexual duration
Does not affect heart disease or high blood pressure

Tiger King sex pills help men release more semen and supplement men's nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine Tiger King
100% Safe, No Side Effects, No Prescription

Tiger King male enhancement pills are used in China for the successful treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
Tiger King is now sold in US and AU, Europe. (4 types of language specification)

Features of Tiger King Pills For Men

> Tones the kidneys
> Strengthens the body
> Extends sexual time and improves immunity
> Treatment of premature ejaculation
> Erectile dysfunction elimination and fatigue killer
> Atheno-spermia
> Sexual dypaphodisia
> Short penis
> Myasthenia gravis
> Dizziness and tinnitus
> Frequency or urination of several nights
> Night sweating
> Prostatitis and other symptoms caused by kidney failure

Patients with hypertension or heart attack can take Male Enhancer TIGER KING

> Ginseng
> Velvet antlers
> Cynomorium sougaricam
> Wolfberry
> Shark cartilage
>Cordy sinensis and 26 extracts from traditional Chinese products

Use and dosage
Only take one TIGER KING Male Enhancer sex tablet 10 to 20 minutes before sexual intercourse
the effect of the drug lasts 72 hours

VALIDITY: 3 years

Keep in a cool dry place

1. Cannot be impatient for a quick result and overtake this product.
2. Drink cool water if you suffer from a frequent erection or an erection that is too long

Do not take herbal pills if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under the age of 18
Please consult a doctor before taking this product

Specification:      300mg/ 30tablets